Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello My Pie Peeps!!:)

I haven't really blogged in a while...:) I am starting some new things with this blog. I hope you like them!! Oh, and by the way do you like the new set-up on the blog? The collage is all about Kemmy's!

St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, and have you guys tried the newest Kemmy's pies? If you haven't had them yet, you can get them at J.D. Redhouse, Redwood Valley Market, Hoppers Corner Store, in Potter Valley, Wetside Renaissance Market, and Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op. Yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage Savory Pie and Irish Cream Custard! If you tried them we would love to hear your feedback. Post on our Facebook Wall, or if you have a blog, comment on this post. Thanks! Oh, and just a heads up...there will be no savory/pot pies delivered Friday, or the following week. Kemmy's Crew will be back to baking them 03/26. In the mean time, we hope you still enjoy our fruit pie selection. Did you know that we have 30 different varieties of sweet pies???

I don't know if you guys know this, but if you look on the right hand corner you can click on the "follow by email" link and then type you're email. When you press enter you have to write this word they give you, to "help prevent spam" and then when you go and check your email and click on the link, you will then get updates on our newest blogs and photos! You may already be doing this, but if not I just thought I would give you a tutorial on how to do it!:)

Wondering how our pie baking went today??? Well, Wednesday is one of Kemmy's largest pie baking days, and today was bigger than ever!! Their morning started at 6 am, but I heard they had a rough time getting started. We had several unexpected friends show up to chat with my family. Oh, and my Aunt Janice drove up to be with my family! We are soooo happy to have her here with us, right now!!! Today was an exceptionally beautiful rainy day! However, the rain does make it a bit difficult when delivering pies.  AND with all that happened, I was 2 MINUTES late for ballet!!!! I mean, come on now...couldn't they just have finished a LITTLE bit earlier????? Ahaha, guess I will have to learn to be more flexible when it comes to ballet. So, anyways now that ballet is over, I thought I would finish my blog.

Want to know what I do in my spare time?? OR what kind of music is playing when everyone is working?

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Song of the day: One Sweet Day, by Mariah Carey

Quote of the day: If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. ~Taylor Lautner 

"Pie Love You."
  xoxo Natalie*

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today I am posting more photos of our stores:) Hope you like them!

                                                Westside Renaissance Market in Ukiah 

                                                         Pizza Etc. In Redwood Valley.

                                                        Redwood Valley Market

                                                       Respect Tech Cafe in Ukiah

                                                     Hoppers Corner Store in Potter Valley

                                                 Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op in Ukiah

These are the stores in Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, and Santa Rosa that sell Kemmy's Pies.

Oh what do you think of the new set-up of our blog?? I've been working on this collage for a while now and finally finished it!!! Feel free to comment on this post and tell us what you think of the new blog design...!:):):):)

So did you guys ever figure out what our March pies were?? They are Corn Beef & Cabbage, and Irish Cream Custard. They are available now! Stay tuned for more photos of our stores!

"May All Your Crusts Be Round."