Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Morning Pie Lovers!

 Everybody that remembered to place there votes for the savory pie tally, got entered to win a free savory pie of their choice! We had Lynn from the Willits Chamber of Commerce pick the winner. The winner is Kris Richmond...Congratulations! We hope she is just as exited as we are for her! Thank you to everyone that voted, and remember not all pies are created equally.

 A big shout out to my cousin Kenny Parks (the creator of the All American Melodrama Theater, in Long Beach, CA) He and Dawn just had a baby boy yesterday, Benjamin Nathaniel Parks! We are anxiously waiting to meet this little dude..:) Congratulations Dawn & Kenny! Ken said "The first thing that came out of his mouth was Kemmy's Pies! Kemmy's Pies...Weird." Can you believe that? hahahaha.

 In honor of Earth Day, you can find part of Kemmy's "Krew" at the Solar Living Institute, in Hopland! For more information follow the link at Solar Living Institute, Earth Day Festival. Hope to see you all there!!

 Movie of the day: The Titantic

 Song of the day: Hero by Mariah Carey

 TV Show of the day: Dancing With The Stars 

 Quote of the day: "Courage is knowing what not to fear."  ~ Plato

Thanks for reading my blog!

 "May All Your Crusts Be Round."

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hungry Games

Good Morning Pie Lovers!!

So we are having a vote on which 3 savory pies to keep on the menu! Everybody who votes will be entered to win a free savory pie! Just go to our Facebook page and find the poll to vote for your favorite savory! The choices are, Chicken, Chile Verde, Taco (Made with Magruders Ground Beef), Saged Mushroom Veggie Pie, and Beef.  Place your votes in now!:)

So has everyone seen Hunger Games??  If not it was AMAZING!!!!!:):):) I love Liam Hemsworth!!!:o)
LOVED IT!!! <3

It's Easter time! Place your orders now (707)367-5498!! Time for your easter pie hunts..!::):)
Although I don't think there is a need to hunt very far...Kemmy's Pies are now available at these wonderful locations:

Shelton's Natural Foods, Westside Renaissance Market, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-Op, Respect Tech, Mendocino Bounty, Pizza Etc. Redwood Valley Market, Hoppers Corner Store, J.D Redhouse, Kemmy's Kitchen, Good Foods Store, Pour Girls Coffee, Geiger's Long Valley Market, Harvest Market, Corners of the mouth, Westport Market, Howard Creek Inn, Cleone Grocer, Eureka Natural Foods, Eureka North Coast Co-Op, Arcata North Coast Co-Op, Chautauqua Natural Foods

 Movie of the day: HUNGER GAMES!!

Song of the day: 1980 by Rehab

Tv Show of the week: Punk'd

Word of the day: Chautauqua

"May All Your Crusts Be Round!"

   xoxo Natalie*