Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Stores!!(:

       Hello my pie peeps!(:

  Wondering where to find Kemmy’s Pies? Well here are some great locations!                                 
Good Foods Store, in Laytonville.

Howard Creek Inn, in Westport

Purity Store, in Fort Bragg

              Shelton’s Natural Foods Market, in Healdsburg,

Eureka Natural Foods

                                    Geigers Long Valley Market, in Laytonville,
Thank you Geiger's for being the very first market to sell Kemmy's Pies! We are very grateful for the opportunity
they gave us.

Wild Berry Marketplace in Eureka.

                                                            North Coast Arcata Co-op.

North Coast Eureka Co-op

                                                         J.D. Redhouse & Co., In Willits

                                                         Murphy's ,in Sunny Erea
 Not pictured is Pour Girls Coffee, in Laytonville, CA. And Chautauqua Natural Foods, in Garberville.

 I also want to give a special thanks to Ukiah Natural Foods, and their grocery manager Babs Verenis for being such a strong supporter and cheerleader for Kemmy’s Pies!

 Any pie fans in Lake County? Well its your lucky day! Lindall’s Sport’s Stop Grill is now selling Kemmy’s Pies! Stop by there today!

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 Thanks for reading my blog!!

 "May All Your Crusts Be Round!"