Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello my pie peeps!

I was wondering if any of you knew of the history of a blackberry? Well some of you may and others maybe not! The blackberry is an edible fruit produced by Rubus fruticosus or any of several hybrids between that species and others of Rubus genus in the Rosaceae family. The term ‘bramble’, a word meaning any impenetrable scrub, has traditionally been applied specifically to the blackberry or its products, though in the United States it applies to all members of the Rubus genus. The (usually) black fruit is not a true berry; botanically it is termed an aggregate fruit, composed of small drupelets. It is a widespread and well-known group of over 375 species, many of which are closely related apomictic microspecies native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere and South America. Some of these words you probably can’t understand but I wanted to share what kind of fruit the Blackberry is.  

The so-called blackberries here in Northern CA, are actually Himalayan blackberries, which are a naturalized European import. They were first introduced to the Pacific Northwest as a crop plant in the 1800's, and have since invaded areas of the region. They are highly invasive, nearly impossible to control, in the pastures, along roadsides and creek banks. They can even be found growing through the cracks in pavement. They overtake native understory vegetation and prevent the establishment of native plants and trees. Their large, impenetrable thickets can block wildlife access to water and other resources. True native blackberries are a much less common sight. The plants are more compact and less invasive. They bear fruit earlier in the season, than the Himalayan's, and usually stop fruiting around the time the Himalayans are starting. Himalayan blackberries are much larger and jucier than natives and the fruit is readily visible on the plants, whereas native berries are smaller, and more hidden by the plant's leaves. 
With blackberries being so plentiful here it's hard to understand why anyone would want to plant them. Anyone planning to plant blackberries in the Pacific Northwest should choose the variety carefully, or else run the risk of creating a monster in your garden, and possibly your whole neighborhood. I read lot's of cool stuff about our blackberries, in an article from Dave's Garden(;
In other news...Katie sold her chickens at the fair! She loved the experience so much that she has decided to show a pig next year.

Soo excited for school to start this Wednesday! I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend Waldorf of Mendocino County! This is going to be such an amazing year for me.

Fun Fact for the day: Did any of you know that the first pie invented was the Apple Pie? Yep, the first one made was in 1381, by Geoffrey Chaucer!

Song of the day: Lights by Ellie Goulding

Movie of the day: Bourne Legacy

 “May all your crusts be round!”

xoxo Natalie*

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Friday in the kitchen of Kemmy's Pies!

Good morning my pie peeps!!(: 
      So has anybody tried our new pie yet? If you did tell us what you think by clicking the comment box below my blog.
       Kemmy's Kitchen has finally gone from working 3 days a week to working 5 days a week. I mean, wow I'm gone for a month and come back to see the kitchen running all the time. Have you noticed all of the new stores selling Kemmy's Pies? They have nearly stopped catering completely, with only a few parties here and there for the customers they have already served in the past. I think my mom and sisters have finally come to the realization that there just isn't enough time in the week to do everything! So, its just Kemmy's Pies available for now.
      Summer is very interesting here in Willits, CA. Somedays its overcast, and others its 78 degrees, or 98 degrees. Mornings here are pretty cold normally around 52 degrees. Freaky right? But when it is hot we go to the river or go paddle boarding, in Fort Bragg! I mean who wears Uggs, Sweatshirt, and jeans, in the end of July? 
      Me and Amy are going to Exeter this weekend to deliver pies and visit my grandparents. Just another adventure in our amazing non-boring life! 
      Last weekend when we were in Fort Bragg, my Mom was walking around the beach and well she came across these people that were far away from their car because their boat had capsized. So my Mom offered to take them to their motel. Anyways, long story short one of the ladies ended up being the most sought after divorce-lawyer in Beverly Hills, and had just finished the 35 hour case with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! If that isn’t cool than I don’t what is!!Haha
 Short blog today hope you like it!!
“May all your crusts be round.”
xoxo Natalie*

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots of news(:

 Good morning my pie peeps!(:
 To start off I am terribly sorry I haven’t written a blog in seems like forever!! 
 Things have been crazy and gone bonkers since I have been away!
 For a month now I have been vacationing at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. My sister, Becky lives there and I am soo thankful she welcomed me into her home! We had an amazing time. Some of you might know that Hot Springs, Arkansas is the home of our great leader, President Clinton! I got to meet a guy named Morgan. His Dad opened a restaurant about 3 weeks ago, and well half of the restaurant was Chelsea Clinton’s old ballet studio! I think that’s pretty sick, don’t you? There are also natural Hot Springs all around the town, like the fountains are steaming hot! I had a blast with Becky and her family!!!
In the mean time my sister, Katie has raised 2 chickens for her FFA class, and will be showing them at Redwood Empire Fair! Wow, I never thought she would do that! Lol, so if you know anyone in the market to purchase two chickens raised with lots of love, she will be showing them at the fair next Wednesday.
Kemmy’s newest “Kreation” is....Pear-Onnay, pronounced like pears and chardonnay! It has wonderful Chardonnay from our local Frey Vineyards, accompanied with Asiago Cheese, and amazing juicy pears! This experience is seriously life changing! Not
 I have enclosed a little picture of me and my sister Becky. Hope you like it! 

 "May all your crusts be round!"

xoxo *Natalie

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taste of Mendocino!

Hello my pie peeps!

 So as some of you may know, Taste of Mendocino event was yesterday. Kemmy’s had an astounding time! Kemmy’s Krew was there with many others such as Baxter, Bink Wines, Bliss Family Vineyards, Esterlina Vineyards, Foursight Wines, Jaxon Keys, Londer Vineyards, Meyer Family Cellars, Frey Vineyards and Winery, Patianna Organic Vineyards, Philo Ridge Vineyards, Lovers Lane Farm, and Roederer Estate. Taste of Mendocino featured the best wine in Mendocino County, as well as the best in food, lodging, nature activities, adventures and more. Jill and Brenda enjoyed many of these wines immensely! Interviews were held by the local Tv news reporters as well as many magazine and freelance writers in SF. We were able to meet many new and wonderful people at this event. Congratulations to the four lucky winners who walked away with a free Kemmy’s Pie!

Lots of amazing things were happening in San Francisco, while we were there! For the second time this season, Tiger Woods is heading into a major championship with as much hype as fans that will be following him when he tees off on Thursday with Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson!

 And right by us, yesterday Apple Inc. introduced there newest map software edition! It replaces Google data with Apple’s own mapping system, a sign that Apple is further distancing itself from the company that it once considered a close partner. Apple also overhauled its line of Mac computers. We saw them filming this scene, pictured on the right at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, which was sponsored by Apple. What is soo awesome about all these events was that it was happening right in the same city we were in! We LOVE San Francisco!

Give a happy birthday shout out to Kemmy! She enjoyed her birthday this weekend in San Francisco. Went shopping and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Gullivers!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Hello my Pie Peeps!!(:

The Skunk Train is up and running for the summertime! Bring your train tickets into our kitchen to get a dollar off your pie!

We are also keeping Chicken & Taco savory pies in our freezer for the summer. So if your craving one, feel free to stop by our kitchen!

Anyone in San Francisco this Monday? Well if you are Kemmy's Krew will be onsite at Taste of Mendocino. It promises to be a wonderful event!! Follow the link to learn more about it... Taste of Mendocino

I have decided to start naming the days I blog. So look for me on...

 Mendo Mondays
 Wacky Wednesdays
 Fruity Fridays

Any questions on what's going on just feel free to comment or call us at (707) 367-5498, thanks!

 Oh so does anyone watch 'Switched at Birth,' or Jane By Design'? Well if you haven't you should TOTALLY watch them!!!! Go to, and you'll find any episodes you want to watch it's really good! 

 Movie of the day: Wizard of Oz

 Tv Show of the day: Switched at Birth

 Song of the day: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

 Quote of the day: For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak   only words of kindness;  and for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.          ~Audrey Hepburn



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Stores!!(:

       Hello my pie peeps!(:

  Wondering where to find Kemmy’s Pies? Well here are some great locations!                                 
Good Foods Store, in Laytonville.

Howard Creek Inn, in Westport

Purity Store, in Fort Bragg

              Shelton’s Natural Foods Market, in Healdsburg,

Eureka Natural Foods

                                    Geigers Long Valley Market, in Laytonville,
Thank you Geiger's for being the very first market to sell Kemmy's Pies! We are very grateful for the opportunity
they gave us.

Wild Berry Marketplace in Eureka.

                                                            North Coast Arcata Co-op.

North Coast Eureka Co-op

                                                         J.D. Redhouse & Co., In Willits

                                                         Murphy's ,in Sunny Erea
 Not pictured is Pour Girls Coffee, in Laytonville, CA. And Chautauqua Natural Foods, in Garberville.

 I also want to give a special thanks to Ukiah Natural Foods, and their grocery manager Babs Verenis for being such a strong supporter and cheerleader for Kemmy’s Pies!

 Any pie fans in Lake County? Well its your lucky day! Lindall’s Sport’s Stop Grill is now selling Kemmy’s Pies! Stop by there today!

 Movie of the day:  Step Up 1

 Song of the day: Two Black Cadillacs  by Carrie Underwood

 Quote of the day: If it's true that men are such beasts, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers. ~ Doris Day

 Thanks for reading my blog!!

 "May All Your Crusts Be Round!"



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Morning Pie Lovers!

 Everybody that remembered to place there votes for the savory pie tally, got entered to win a free savory pie of their choice! We had Lynn from the Willits Chamber of Commerce pick the winner. The winner is Kris Richmond...Congratulations! We hope she is just as exited as we are for her! Thank you to everyone that voted, and remember not all pies are created equally.

 A big shout out to my cousin Kenny Parks (the creator of the All American Melodrama Theater, in Long Beach, CA) He and Dawn just had a baby boy yesterday, Benjamin Nathaniel Parks! We are anxiously waiting to meet this little dude..:) Congratulations Dawn & Kenny! Ken said "The first thing that came out of his mouth was Kemmy's Pies! Kemmy's Pies...Weird." Can you believe that? hahahaha.

 In honor of Earth Day, you can find part of Kemmy's "Krew" at the Solar Living Institute, in Hopland! For more information follow the link at Solar Living Institute, Earth Day Festival. Hope to see you all there!!

 Movie of the day: The Titantic

 Song of the day: Hero by Mariah Carey

 TV Show of the day: Dancing With The Stars 

 Quote of the day: "Courage is knowing what not to fear."  ~ Plato

Thanks for reading my blog!

 "May All Your Crusts Be Round."

xoxo Natalie*







Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hungry Games

Good Morning Pie Lovers!!

So we are having a vote on which 3 savory pies to keep on the menu! Everybody who votes will be entered to win a free savory pie! Just go to our Facebook page and find the poll to vote for your favorite savory! The choices are, Chicken, Chile Verde, Taco (Made with Magruders Ground Beef), Saged Mushroom Veggie Pie, and Beef.  Place your votes in now!:)

So has everyone seen Hunger Games??  If not it was AMAZING!!!!!:):):) I love Liam Hemsworth!!!:o)
LOVED IT!!! <3

It's Easter time! Place your orders now (707)367-5498!! Time for your easter pie hunts..!::):)
Although I don't think there is a need to hunt very far...Kemmy's Pies are now available at these wonderful locations:

Shelton's Natural Foods, Westside Renaissance Market, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-Op, Respect Tech, Mendocino Bounty, Pizza Etc. Redwood Valley Market, Hoppers Corner Store, J.D Redhouse, Kemmy's Kitchen, Good Foods Store, Pour Girls Coffee, Geiger's Long Valley Market, Harvest Market, Corners of the mouth, Westport Market, Howard Creek Inn, Cleone Grocer, Eureka Natural Foods, Eureka North Coast Co-Op, Arcata North Coast Co-Op, Chautauqua Natural Foods

 Movie of the day: HUNGER GAMES!!

Song of the day: 1980 by Rehab

Tv Show of the week: Punk'd

Word of the day: Chautauqua

"May All Your Crusts Be Round!"

   xoxo Natalie*

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello My Pie Peeps!!:)

I haven't really blogged in a while...:) I am starting some new things with this blog. I hope you like them!! Oh, and by the way do you like the new set-up on the blog? The collage is all about Kemmy's!

St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, and have you guys tried the newest Kemmy's pies? If you haven't had them yet, you can get them at J.D. Redhouse, Redwood Valley Market, Hoppers Corner Store, in Potter Valley, Wetside Renaissance Market, and Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op. Yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage Savory Pie and Irish Cream Custard! If you tried them we would love to hear your feedback. Post on our Facebook Wall, or if you have a blog, comment on this post. Thanks! Oh, and just a heads up...there will be no savory/pot pies delivered Friday, or the following week. Kemmy's Crew will be back to baking them 03/26. In the mean time, we hope you still enjoy our fruit pie selection. Did you know that we have 30 different varieties of sweet pies???

I don't know if you guys know this, but if you look on the right hand corner you can click on the "follow by email" link and then type you're email. When you press enter you have to write this word they give you, to "help prevent spam" and then when you go and check your email and click on the link, you will then get updates on our newest blogs and photos! You may already be doing this, but if not I just thought I would give you a tutorial on how to do it!:)

Wondering how our pie baking went today??? Well, Wednesday is one of Kemmy's largest pie baking days, and today was bigger than ever!! Their morning started at 6 am, but I heard they had a rough time getting started. We had several unexpected friends show up to chat with my family. Oh, and my Aunt Janice drove up to be with my family! We are soooo happy to have her here with us, right now!!! Today was an exceptionally beautiful rainy day! However, the rain does make it a bit difficult when delivering pies.  AND with all that happened, I was 2 MINUTES late for ballet!!!! I mean, come on now...couldn't they just have finished a LITTLE bit earlier????? Ahaha, guess I will have to learn to be more flexible when it comes to ballet. So, anyways now that ballet is over, I thought I would finish my blog.

Want to know what I do in my spare time?? OR what kind of music is playing when everyone is working?

Now watching: While You Were Sleeping

TV Show of the week: America's Next Top Model: British INVASION! (So loving it)!

Song of the day: One Sweet Day, by Mariah Carey

Quote of the day: If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. ~Taylor Lautner 

"Pie Love You."
  xoxo Natalie*

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today I am posting more photos of our stores:) Hope you like them!

                                                Westside Renaissance Market in Ukiah 

                                                         Pizza Etc. In Redwood Valley.

                                                        Redwood Valley Market

                                                       Respect Tech Cafe in Ukiah

                                                     Hoppers Corner Store in Potter Valley

                                                 Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op in Ukiah

These are the stores in Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, and Santa Rosa that sell Kemmy's Pies.

Oh what do you think of the new set-up of our blog?? I've been working on this collage for a while now and finally finished it!!! Feel free to comment on this post and tell us what you think of the new blog design...!:):):):)

So did you guys ever figure out what our March pies were?? They are Corn Beef & Cabbage, and Irish Cream Custard. They are available now! Stay tuned for more photos of our stores!

"May All Your Crusts Be Round."


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kemmy's Newest

Hello Pie Lovers!!!

Busy times for Kemmy’s Kitchen. Maybe you have noticed that Kemmy’s Pies have been delivered later than usual. Two weeks ago, Amy had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery! As much sadness this brings me, she has been utterly sick, and unable to bake pies. She has stayed home and rested and recovered her strength...wherever it had gone, it is obviously on it’s way back! Which brings warmth to my heart. While she has been home, I have been keeping her company while I do my schoolwork. She says that I am a very good sister. 
Have you figured out what our newest pie "Kreation" is?... Well March is all about St. Patrick's Day! And we will have, not one but two new pies!!! Coming out this Friday...:) 

Remember one of Kemmy's 2012 goals was to bake 5 days a week? Well, they have almost achieved that goal! Thursday has now become one of the baking days...!:) Check out the newest stores to sell Kemmy's Pies!

Our coastal route now includes:

Westport Market. 

Harvest Market.

Corners of the Mouth, in Mendocino. 

Cleone Groceries. 

Not pictured is Howard Creek Inn. As well as Pour Girls Coffee, in Laytonvile. 

Hope you had fun reading my newest blog! 

"May All Your Crusts Be Round" xoxo 
Natalie Moss*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Other Histories of Pie

Good Morning Pie Lovers!

Valentines Day is over, and Kemmy's is already planning their newest pie! Can you guess what it is???:) Here is a hint...What is the next holiday???

Today, I am showing you more pie history, that you would never even think was true!

The history of pie is rich in flavor! Pies have been around for thousands of years. We know this, since the ancient Egyptians kept records of their practices and pie is included there; along with all the mysteries and charm of those long ago days. The Egyptians would fill their pies with such ingredients as honey, fruit and nuts. The visitors to Egypt learned as many of their secrets as possible. The ancient Greeks were also some of the first to create the pastry dough. Romans soon caught on and were able to learn some recipes from the Greeks. The Roman people thought enough of the pie to make offerings of it to their deities. Since then the rich history of pie has grown while traveling to many different lands, and many people still enjoy pie.

Did you know that pie was originally a simple cooking and serving container fashioned of dough for containing, cooking, and preserving the enclosed ingredient as well as their juices? When a pie had a crust, it was at that time known as a coffin, although pies with no crust were known as traps. Large, short-sided pies and tarts and very small pies are tartlets. When someone made a pie of some type of bird, he or she would leave the legs of the bird outside the edge of the pie and used the legs for handles.

Original pies had a very hard crust and were very often to difficult to be eaten. The crust of the pie was used mainly for baking the pie as there were no pie pans back then. Think primitive pottery times it was also known as bulletproof dough. 

Pies made their way to England and soon showed up in America with the first colonial settlers. They brought along cottage and shepherds pie. From the American natives, the pilgrims learned the many healthy fruits and berries. Women at that time conserved their rations by making round pies and shallow pies. During the 1700s, pie first saw one of its best celebrating moments while gaining popularity in many homes, picnics and fairs. Many people have enjoyed pie eating contests or pie throwing games. Pies and their recipes have traveled a very long way from where they began to this present day.

As pie has moved along through the years, it has been adapted to fit into every culture it has touched. We enjoy pie today made of many different ingredients, such as meats of beasts, fowl and fish, vegetables, berries, fruit and nuts as well as cheese, custards and creams of many flavors. Many generations have seen the passing down of family pie recipes and many are still secret today. An assortment of many different sweet and savory seasonings and ingredients are in included in pies. The smell of a pie baking can bring back fond memories of family and friends as well as build new ones. In homes the world over, someone will be baking a pie, while someone is savoring the wonderful aromas that make home so sweet. I love pie so much that I think everyone should enjoy some pie every day. -Brenda Moss

"May All your Crusts Be Round!" 


Monday, February 13, 2012

All In A Day's Work...

Raspberry Crust

Our Daily Pie Tools:)

Raspberry Crumb

Bj Making Pie Dough 

Jill Rolling out Pie Dough 




Our family...:))

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Good Morning Pie Lovers!

It’s citrus time!! Mom, Amy and Katie went and completely stripped my grandparents' organic fruit trees, last weekend. Delicious citrusy lemons, and amazing fruity tangelos. Exeter, California (where my grandparents live) is known for it's abundant supply of citrus, deciduous fruits, nuts and table grapes. This is also the town where my mom went to high school and met my father! 
What better way to say I love you for Valentines than a pie! Kemmy’s newest "Kreation," is a Raspberry Cordial. Raspberries soaked in wine and laced in dark chocolate. All it’s missing is a diamond for that special someone! This pie is perfect for your king or queen of hearts. Pie Love You!

“May All Your Crusts Be Round!"


Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning Pie Lovers!

Some of you may still be wondering what type of vegetable shortening Kemmy’s uses. Well it’s called Spectrum (palm oil.) The crust is made of a combination of shortening and butter. Something the French called Pâte Brisée.

The first pies were very simple and generally of the savory (meat and cheese) kind. Flaky pastry fruit-filled turnovers appeared in the early 19th century. Some pie-type foods are made for individual consumption. These portable pies...Pasties, turnovers, empanadas, pierogi, calzones...were enjoyed by working classes and sold by street vendors. Pie variations (cobblers, slumps, grunts, etc.) are endless!

The Oxford English Dictionary traces the first use of the word “pie” as it relates to food all the way back to 1303. It noted the word was well-known and popular by 1362.

Have you noticed that their are ads on our page?? I've gotten so many VIEWS on my blog, that google is putting ads on !!! Click on them and find many helpful things, if you like. Please note, none of these ads are viruses:)

Kemmy’s catered a woman’s convention, last weekend. Friday night was a Ice Cream social. We decided to use our sauce from  Brandy Apple Nutty Maples pie, as an ice cream topper. It tasted amazing on top of vanilla ice cream, with slivered almonds and chocolate chips:) Saturday morning breakfast consisted of Belgium waffles, fresh fruit, bagels w/ our popular cranberry cream cheese spread. Also, a vegetarian frittata, ham and cheese frittata, and a sausage one! For lunch, they made roasted chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, lemon bars, brownies, and caramel apple short bread brownies. AND to top it all off, I was invited to perform a dance for the spiritual part of this event. I danced to the song "Only Hope. " It was so much fun, and I hope all of the ladies enjoyed my dance.  

“May All Your Crusts Be Round.”


Friday, January 20, 2012

Wheat Design for Pie Crusts

 Good Morning Pie Lovers! 

Ever wonder why our pie crusts typically have a wheat design on them? Well, it has been passed from generation to generation. My mother learned from her grandmother Louise, who learned from her mother Emma, my great great grandma. When my mom was 12, her grandma taught her how to do the wheat on the top crust. She said wheat has been a spiritual symbol of prosperity and blessings. It represents a good and bountiful harvest. The promise that the food would last as long as needed. She said, "Not riches such as money, but rich in a love for others." I think the wheat symbol is lot prettier than just putting a hole in the top of it:)

It is our hope for each and every home to be blessed with the love that goes into each one of our pies. Most of you may think prosperity means wealth, but it can come in many different forms. Such as love, happiness, and warmth. My mother said her grandma's pies were beautiful. She supplemented their income with her pie sales. She sold her delicious pies to bakeries, the wealthy ladies she cleaned for, and of course always for church fundraisers. This was just a glimpse of how great Grandma Louise was. I hope that the wheat topped pie tradition will always continue to be shared.


 “ May All Your Crusts Be Round.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Good Morning Pie Lovers! 

How was everyone's New Years? Ours rocked! We spent the glorious night, in San Francisco:) We started by going to the Kristi Yamaguchi ice rink! Then we got these totally stellar 2012 flickery glasses!! Then we had an amazing and mouth watering experience at this little Italian restaurant on the top of the Westfield mall!:) The best Spumoni Ice Cream EVER!!

Here are a few of Kemmy's New Year Resolutions: 
  • Double our sales so that we can work Monday-Friday. 
  • Add some apple and peach trees to our orchard.
  • Support more local farmers 
  • Finish designing our website.
  • Create our logo so that Kemmy's can have it's own brand design.
  • Eliminate catering 100%.

Has anyone tried Kemmy’s newest Kreation? The mushroom veggie pie?? I loved it!! Mushrooms, sage, fennel, onions, carrots, and potatoes. As Guy Fierri said about his creations, is that it’s like Niagara Falls in your mouth:) It was utterly delicious.

Have you heard that we’re now selling pies at the Harvest Market, in Fort Bragg? Please spread the word!

Remember “May All Your Crusts Be Round.”