Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday

Good Morning Pie lovers! Our day started at 6:00 a.m. Of course I didn't start a six, but I did get up in time to eat breakfast with them.
Today Brenda is doing drywall, but thankfully Mom and Amy only had to make 100 pies. I have ballet today from 1:00 p.m  to 4:45 p.m. And Jill has a meeting, so she gets to take me.
I do ballet with the Mendocino Ballet and we have a 2 week dance camp with a special teacher named Russell Capps. 
This year the Ballet is taking a trip to France, and I am the youngest out of 8 girls chosen to go! I am so unbelievably happy and excited!
We're starting fundraising so get ready, cause you might be getting a letter in the mail soon, or if you would like you could just send your charitable contribution to Mendocino Ballet at
205 South State St.
Willits, CA 95482 or (707) 463-2290
Stay tuned for more info...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Day.

 Early start, 5:30 this morning. We are catering breakfast and lunch for a workshop. Breakfast: Bagels w/cranberry cream cheese, Fresh fruit, Vegetarian and Cheese n' Bacon Breakfast Pie, Apple and Berry Pie. Lunch:Deli Sandwiches, Fresh Garden Salad, and to end it all; a Beautiful Cookie Tray.
   This afternoon we will be delivering to the Harvest Market, in Fort Bragg!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Family Business

Hi, My name is Natalie, and I am 11 years old, the youngest of 7 daughters. My family has a pie business in Northern California, in a small town called Willits. Since I am too young to work, I have been elected the official Blogger.

To start out, I am going to tell a little bit of background about Kemmy's pies. When my mom, Kemmy was 12 years old, my great grandma, Emma Louise taught her how too make her first pie. She soon developed a passion for the art of pie baking. When she got older, she made pies to raise money for non-profit organizations.

My older sisters learned how to make pies at a very young age as well. My three older sisters Jill, Amy, and Brenda work in the business with my mom. My sister Becky lives in Arkansas, but when she comes out to visit she gets to work too. She is also a wonderful pie baker. Right now, my sister Katie is in Arkansas for the summer, because Becky expecting her third child.

You maybe wondering why the spelling of our business is KEMMY'S instead of Kimmy's. It is because I have another older sister who's name is Emmaly Louise. She is now in Heaven, and we called her Emmy, and thus Kemmy's makes our business a complete family circle.