Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Good Afternoon Pie Lovers!!! 
So sorry that I was unable to write a Christmas blog. The quantity of last-minute pie orders on Friday were very numerous, and they didn’t have room for me, in the kitchen. Kemmy’s Crew is currently taking a couple days off from the pie business, so they can re-charge their batteries. They will be back to baking on Friday. 
How was everyone's Christmas? Were you able to try Kemmy’s newest creation...the Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie? What did you think??? Friday will be the last day to purchase one, as it was only going to be available for a limited time. So, get one while you still can!
My Christmas was great!!! Of course we went Christmas shopping the day before Christmas, but everything went Awesome and Smoothly! First thing on Christmas morning, we opened all of the presents purchased the day before :) Then, my mom made omelets with apple sausage, sautéed mushrooms & peppers and yummy cheese for breakfast. For dinner we had my mother’s mouth watering Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad(which I made myself), and macaroni & cheese. I am kind of sad that Christmas is over. The cheerful and happy spirits of everyone you come in contact with! The feeling of Christmas. The singing of Christmas Carols and listening to Christmas music!! But soon it will roll around again and I can't wait!:) What is your favorite thing about Christmas? I would love to know!!
Twas the Monday, before Christmas that our family and a few friends took a trip on the Skunk Train. There were like 20 people in our party. Even though Kemmy’s Kitchen is located at the Skunk Depot, many of us had never ridden the Skunk Train. The train left Willits, at exactly 6:30. We had traveled about six miles out of Willits, but little did we know that the train was about to jump off the tracks! We were drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies & popcorn, writing letters to Santa, and singing Christmas Carols with Malachai. All were having a ball, and THEN the train came to a sudden HALT! News came to us that the train had derailed! What were we going to do? Everyone was wondering how long it would take to resume our trip...

We had waited and waited, then we got news that it would maybe take 2, 3, or 4 hours! There was no way we would get back to Willits, by 8:00 pm! Trying to pass along the time, we waited, ate lots and lots of popcorn, and sang along to every Christmas song anyone could think of! Then my sister Brenda asked if she could play the music on her phone through the big speaker, so that all the train carts could hear it! Soon, we were all rocking out to Justin Beiber’s version of Drummer Boy. Waiting in boredom for the train to get moving, we decided to form a dance circle! Going in one by one, everyone had their turn at dancing in the center of the circle. It WAS a blast! The party-poopers stayed in their seats and just acted like total old people..:( However, those of us who wished for fun, certainly had a joyous time.

Then Santa arrived!! We gave him our letters and off he went! Santa’s elves came and passed out more popcorn and hot chocolate! We didn’t get home until about 11:30. Even though we didn’t get to experience the Christmas Train, to it’s full effect, it was still the FUNNEST train ride EVER!
Remember! “May all your crusts be round.” 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Afternoon Pie Lovers!
Us and Mr. Mario!!!

Our weekly catered event was for Fetzer Vinyards Christmas party, the delicious menu was a mouth watering Prime Rib that will change your life forever! Scallop Potatoes, delicious Green Beans, Oriental Slaw, and amazing home-made Dinner Rolls I heard that one person at Fetzer, ate four pieces of Pie!! The selection of pies were, Brandy Apple Nutty Maples, Pumpkin, and Blackberry!

Place your Holiday Pie and Brie orders now... A great Christmas present for that special someone who likes pies, is a Gift Certificate to get any type of pie that you want for pick up at the Willits Skunk Depot! How would you like one Kemmy's pie for each month of the year. It's like Christmas once a month!! If your are interested call Amy, at 707-367-5498.

I just had my 12th birthday. Some of the things I got was a Juicy Couture Backpack, a Juicy Couture Wallet! Pink Pea Coat!!! And Urban Decay make-up... I am so thankful to have a family like mine! 

I asked what my sister's what their favorite Christmas song was, Jill's is the 8 Days of Christmas, by Beyonce. Katie's is Carol of Bells, by August Burns Red. Amy's is Santa Clause is Back In Town, by Elvis, and Happy Christmas, by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Brenda's is Please Come Home For Christmas, by The Eagles. Mine is Drummer Boy, by Justin Bieber. And Kemmy's is Hay Baby, by Jeff and Sherry Easter.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Remeber "May All Your Crusts Be Round."

Monday, December 5, 2011

Celebrity's Favorite Pies!

Shiloh Fernandez
Good Afternoon Pie Lovers!!
   New creations in Kemmy's Kitchen! Crusted Organic Brie Cheese topped with locally made jams. Right now, they are only available at Westside Rennisance Market to see how people like them.

I promised a couple blogs ago to find out what Celebrities favorite pies were and I am finally getting around to do it! I bet you didn't know that  Justin Bieber's favorite pie is Cherry Crust. Or that Brad Pitt's is Pumpkin. And Angelina Jolie's is Lemon Meringue. Taylor Swift's and Johnny Depp's favorite is Apple Pie. And Celine Dion's is Custard! Taylor Laughtner's is Pecan Pie! Shiloh Fernandez is Blackberry Pie, and did you 
know that this famous 'Red Riding Hood' star lived in Ukiah? Or that he went to St. Marys Catholic school? I wonder if he has ever had our Blackberry Pie...Doris Day's favorite is Blueberry Crust. Some of you might have the same taste in pies as these totally stellar and amazing stars! Hope you had fun reading today's blog?? If you have any ideas about what I should write about in my next blog, feel free to post in the comment box, or on our Facebook page!!

Remember "May All Your Crusts Be Round."