Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello pie fanatics!

How are you all on this cold winter day? This weather is absolutely dreadful. The rain has a way of making me lazy and without motivation, especially when it's snowing on top of it. During the last couple of months it has snowed twice, and rained most of those months. I can't tell you how excited I am for summer. I am counting down the days for warm weather, graduation, and the start of a new beginning for me!

Hopefully, our pies are adding a bit of warmth to you all, because if you're like me, you need the most comforting and warm food you can get. As some of you may know, we have brought our pot pies back. It's crazy how many smiles brighten when I say we have them! Here's the thing; it's just so easy and less stressful than cooking a whole meal yourself. You get around 6 servings in one large pie, and that will easily fill up your whole family! They pair perfectly with a side salad, or if taco pie is more your jam, just serve it like a taco salad. We are also carrying the individual mini pot pies at Ukiah Natural Foods, which is perfect if you're in a rush. The flavors available now are; saged mushroom (vegetarian option), taco, and chicken. I am a vegetarian, and for all of you fellow meat haters, we got a delicious alternative that will fill you up! I know for me, the biggest struggle was getting full with no meat on my plate, but then my mom and sisters created an alternative that left me feeling full, light, and wonderful.

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