Friday, January 20, 2012

Wheat Design for Pie Crusts

 Good Morning Pie Lovers! 

Ever wonder why our pie crusts typically have a wheat design on them? Well, it has been passed from generation to generation. My mother learned from her grandmother Louise, who learned from her mother Emma, my great great grandma. When my mom was 12, her grandma taught her how to do the wheat on the top crust. She said wheat has been a spiritual symbol of prosperity and blessings. It represents a good and bountiful harvest. The promise that the food would last as long as needed. She said, "Not riches such as money, but rich in a love for others." I think the wheat symbol is lot prettier than just putting a hole in the top of it:)

It is our hope for each and every home to be blessed with the love that goes into each one of our pies. Most of you may think prosperity means wealth, but it can come in many different forms. Such as love, happiness, and warmth. My mother said her grandma's pies were beautiful. She supplemented their income with her pie sales. She sold her delicious pies to bakeries, the wealthy ladies she cleaned for, and of course always for church fundraisers. This was just a glimpse of how great Grandma Louise was. I hope that the wheat topped pie tradition will always continue to be shared.


 “ May All Your Crusts Be Round.”