Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taylor Berries

How's life my cool crisp pies? Hope those end of summer vibes aren't getting you too down for the start of fall. I am ready for things to get back to normal, but kind of sad because now, it's time to start using my brain. 

See those luscious, bountiful berries we have in our possession? This is just one of the many great things that come along when you are from such an organic place like Mendocino County. Great people, who supply home-grown, hand picked fruits and vegetables. Having a taste of pure, natural blackberries makes our pie taste all the more delicious. 

I am going to tell you a little story, about how to get the best boyfriend award. Take your girl to see Taylor Swift. Bring along some of her fam as well, to enjoy this great performer. See, not all guys are smart enough to make this call by themselves. But like I said they are the "golden couple, " fulfilling that name as best they can. Alexander surprised Amy with T-Swift tickets, later on surprising my  mom with tickets, and last but not least,  surprising me with tickets. Any chance that comes along to attend concert, no matter who is performing, I will take. I am the type to never sit down at a concert, and dance every second. Whether I know the song or not. Amy chose good when she picked me to go with her, because we had a total blast. We knew just about every song, so she had no excuse not to dance. Along with Alex. I almost cried watching them sing Love Story to each other, realizing the fact that I was singing it to myself. 

The reason I like concerts, is because you get such a clear picture of who the artist really is as a person. You either come out of the venue liking them even more, or being totally and completely disappointed. With Taylor, we are more in love with her than before. Her confidence and energy is contagious, and the way she is okay with being dorky, makes her all the more amazing. She doesn't care what people think of her, telling us in the same breath not to care either. When she spoke, everything she said really stuck with me. Going through life always caring about what people think, and if they are going to judge you or getting depressed about a boy,  it is a total waste of a great life. She is truly a one of a kind person, and touches so many hearts by her knowledge and understanding of what we all, as humans think of ourselves. I will never forget her, and trust me. More stories of her concerts will come. 

Closing with "Shake it Off" the Levi's Stadium lit up with our sparkling bracelets shaking as hard as we could. She is and will always be in my heart as a truly outstanding human being with unbelievable talent and class.    

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vegan pie: WHAT? Mind= blown

Hello pie lovers! How is the end of summer treating you? I know I am pretty excited about fall flavors...I'm sure you are too. Time to say goodbye to the luscious strawberries with tart rhubarb, or the creamy decadent lemonade, and say hello to the melting essence of our pumpkin and sweet potato. You know, fall and winter are the perfect months out of the year to cozy up to one of Kemmy's sweet pies, considering you will need some extra weight to keep you warm.

The golden couple of my family, would be my sister Amy and her fiancee Alexander. They are the true core of what hard work and patience will give you. We are all undeniably excited for their June wedding in Key West. But that is not why I am mentioning them now. Xander has had food allergies since birth, and some have faded away, but he recently had some health scares in this last year, involving his throat area. See walking around with a swollen throat, unconsciously, is not very enjoyable. As of about two weeks ago, he was given a lists of food he shouldn't be eating. Minimizing any intake of dairy, soy, nut (including coconut and sunflower),  and gluten. Coming from a family who makes everything with those products. It has been a little hard, because Xander is a complete pie connoisseur, and he was very disappointed with the news. My mom had to make at least a little something sweet for him, and she discovered a brand new delicious recipe for...vegan pie!!! Yayy! Finally. Let me tell you how absolutely delicious it was. It contains Earth balance vegan butter, organic rice flour, water, chia seeds, and raw sugar. All our pies contain less than half the amount of sugar, than what a normal store bought pie has. That is why are company is special, because we let the wholesome fruits and ingredients speak for themselves. And with this vegan pie, I captured every symphonic note the ingredients made with my tongue. Kemmy made it in the flavor of strawberry rhubarb, and I went to heaven with the first bite. What I also like about this pie, is that it makes you feel full and satisfied very soon. Depending on your appetite, it doesn't give you the urge to over eat it. I wasn't surprised though. My mom can take any ingredient, and make it taste great no matter what. Hopefully I get that talent sooner or later. As of right now, I am a no-go for cooking anything solo.

That's all I have for you wonderful people today. Have a great sunny day, and tonight do one little thing for me, while you sleep.. dream of pie!