Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kemmy's Mob Madness

How are my fellow pie fanatics? I assume all of you are disappointed in my poor lack of ability to post anything this year, but say hallelujah! Cause Nat's back, and has so many things to share with you lovely human beings.

As we always expected, Kemmy's Pies is growing by the pie. Literally. The start of the business was a bit rocky, but in the world of business owning, what situation isn't? With my timeless beauty of a mother, my sister's and I, we built a cliental out of caring, honest, hard-working people. Coming from the area we are located in, you wouldn't see those factors being in account. There have been plenty of times where it seemed like there was no road left to take, then we took a good look at our faithful customers, who never stopped eating pie. That is what kept us going and always will.  All of you, who feel the love we put into our pies. In a way, its kind of overwhelming how much effort we put into every individual pie. Big or small. A huge thank you goes out to all of you who buy our pies, and even take the time to just look at this blog. We love to have feedback. Good or bad, so anytime you think of saying a little something about your experience with our product, feel free! It better's our business to have some constructive criticism.

People may wonder how Kemmy's fits so many different personalities/attitudes, into the kitchen. Sometimes, I even try to contemplate how we do what we do. But after the big blow-out of the day, we get our work on. Even faster than we had before. See. With a family full of females, things get a little over dramatic, from the fact that we all have EMOTIONS! And there is nothing wrong with that, whatsoever. That is why we come together in unity, like we do. If you were to refer us to, I don't know, say the Italian Mob. We would be a pretty good example of a less violent, but just as extreme version. The hard core nature we have comes from that Sicilian blood instilled in us from our many great relatives. A good example is Lucky Luciano. Our relation to him, is obvious from his futures to the ones we hold. Some more than others.
I Spy Kemmy's Pies in Safeway. What? Mind=Blown. Our product has begun in stores up and down the northern California way, and will be in many more soon. This is just the start. My expectations for our company will exceed what my family can only imagine. They say to dream big, but in the land of Kemmy's, those dreams come true. Locations in Key West, Nasville, San Francisco, and Chicago will take place soon as well. I just know it. But only as soon as we change all these cupcake and cake lovers to pie lovers. With our product, it might make that firm resolution of your decision, much harder. Hmm. Sugary, GMO, artificial taste (which is delicious, don't get me wrong), and the organic, hand-made, local fruit, and so much love baked into the crust. That is a pretty hard choice. I feel bad.  
If you are in to that tropical vibe, coming from someone who is an every day coconut eater, we have the perfect option for you my dear. Pineapple-Rum-Coconut pie. Smooth and sexy to the first touch of the palate, with a spark of coconut crunch. Completing that Hawaiian crave you must have.
Peace out my pie peeps. Love you all and stay tuned for more of the Kemmy's Mob Madness 

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