Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Friday in the kitchen of Kemmy's Pies!

Good morning my pie peeps!!(: 
      So has anybody tried our new pie yet? If you did tell us what you think by clicking the comment box below my blog.
       Kemmy's Kitchen has finally gone from working 3 days a week to working 5 days a week. I mean, wow I'm gone for a month and come back to see the kitchen running all the time. Have you noticed all of the new stores selling Kemmy's Pies? They have nearly stopped catering completely, with only a few parties here and there for the customers they have already served in the past. I think my mom and sisters have finally come to the realization that there just isn't enough time in the week to do everything! So, its just Kemmy's Pies available for now.
      Summer is very interesting here in Willits, CA. Somedays its overcast, and others its 78 degrees, or 98 degrees. Mornings here are pretty cold normally around 52 degrees. Freaky right? But when it is hot we go to the river or go paddle boarding, in Fort Bragg! I mean who wears Uggs, Sweatshirt, and jeans, in the end of July? 
      Me and Amy are going to Exeter this weekend to deliver pies and visit my grandparents. Just another adventure in our amazing non-boring life! 
      Last weekend when we were in Fort Bragg, my Mom was walking around the beach and well she came across these people that were far away from their car because their boat had capsized. So my Mom offered to take them to their motel. Anyways, long story short one of the ladies ended up being the most sought after divorce-lawyer in Beverly Hills, and had just finished the 35 hour case with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! If that isn’t cool than I don’t what is!!Haha
 Short blog today hope you like it!!
“May all your crusts be round.”
xoxo Natalie*

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots of news(:

 Good morning my pie peeps!(:
 To start off I am terribly sorry I haven’t written a blog in seems like forever!! 
 Things have been crazy and gone bonkers since I have been away!
 For a month now I have been vacationing at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. My sister, Becky lives there and I am soo thankful she welcomed me into her home! We had an amazing time. Some of you might know that Hot Springs, Arkansas is the home of our great leader, President Clinton! I got to meet a guy named Morgan. His Dad opened a restaurant about 3 weeks ago, and well half of the restaurant was Chelsea Clinton’s old ballet studio! I think that’s pretty sick, don’t you? There are also natural Hot Springs all around the town, like the fountains are steaming hot! I had a blast with Becky and her family!!!
In the mean time my sister, Katie has raised 2 chickens for her FFA class, and will be showing them at Redwood Empire Fair! Wow, I never thought she would do that! Lol, so if you know anyone in the market to purchase two chickens raised with lots of love, she will be showing them at the fair next Wednesday.
Kemmy’s newest “Kreation” is....Pear-Onnay, pronounced like pears and chardonnay! It has wonderful Chardonnay from our local Frey Vineyards, accompanied with Asiago Cheese, and amazing juicy pears! This experience is seriously life changing! Not
 I have enclosed a little picture of me and my sister Becky. Hope you like it! 

 "May all your crusts be round!"

xoxo *Natalie