Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Warmth and Comfort in the New Year

Happy new year fellow pie enthusiasts! So many things took place last year, that I don't quite know where to begin. Life sure has a way of surprising you at any possible second…but isn't that the beauty of it?

Safeway has been a major contribution to the growth of our business. They were a customer that some tried to say would force us to grow to a point that we would lose some of our product quality. It may have been a bit overwhelming at first, but then again growing your business alway presents new challenges. We experience it every time we add a new route, with new stores and we are always up for the challenge. Gaining more customers from Humboldt to the Bay area has been a real treat for us. The most enjoyable moment is when customers far from Willits, step into our pie kitchen for the first time. It is heart warming to know that people far away (even outside of California), enjoy our pies.

Recently, we had a customer come in from San Francisco. He had special ordered his favorite pies the day before. When he showed up, it was as if he were a little boy again, entering his favorite sweet shop. He ended up staying for an hour and a half watching us do our work and continuously raving about the pies. His wife finally said "honey, we should let them get to their work.”

I think that was the day I realized what Kemmy’s Pies really portrays. We don't just provide a product to taste good and have a profit. That has never been the goal, but in being something more than just another product on the shelf. We like to think that we can bring warmth and comfort to homes that may or may not have it, or a reminder of a loved one that used to make pies when you were a child, especially during the holidays. It is such an honor to know that you all save a spot for our pies to share with your friends and families at the dinner table. It warms my heart knowing our pie is being served to hundreds of families in places I don't even know.  I will give you a little secret, it's the love thing I mentioned earlier. When you put your passion and every part of you into something, trust me, it will come out beautifully. Thank you for believing in us.


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