Friday, June 28, 2013

The Next Generation

Good morning pie lovers!

Have you ever wondered what happens when  the first generation of any business retires or for other reasons doesn't work any more? Well sometimes it's not a good thing. The business ends up going into the hands of someone who really doesn't want a part of it, and then it eventually does not have a good ending. But, Kemmy's Pies is definitely prepared for the future! The granddaughters of Kemmy, assure us everyday that they want to make pies when they are older. Hope that passion stays in there hearts forever. How amazing is it that we have an eight year old and 5 year old that already know how to make a pie all by them self? Well its obvious they don't cook it by themselves but, they know how to prepare it for the oven. I think each one of Kemmy's children and grandchildren have the special gift of making beautiful pies.



Sorry for the short blog today, more on Friday!

"May all your crusts be round. "

xoxo Natalie