Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello Pie lovers! Lots of fun things happening at Kemmy's this week.

All of Kemmy's Krew (which is only family), is taking a trip to our annual family reunion, as it may be my grandpa's last big event that he will be able to attend. He is 73, and is contracted with COPD and lung cancer. My grandpa has affected and impacted my life in so many ways, and it completely devastates me knowing that these are some of his last days with us. I know I should be happy for him and cherish every moment I have with him, and I will try to make these days great and exciting for him! He always found some way to make me laugh when I was mad at the world, and I wish I could think him everyday for that. Experiencing a short lived career in the pro - baseball industry due to injuries, he knows quite a bit about hard work, sports, and just life in general, which has helped me through my years and will continue to help me in many years to come!

 Finally the shipment of Filligreen Farms blueberries were delivered, and oh my, they are DE-licious! I can't wait to taste them in our yummy pies. They'll make the flavor even more delicious.

Keep sending positive and good vibes to our grandpa throughout this year!